by: Robert Moss

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How often do you say something was ?only a dream', ?only a coincidence', or ?only my imagination'? In The Three ?Only' Things you'll discover that these can be keys to connecting with extraordinary sources of direction, healing and energy. Dream expert Robert Moss believes that it is only through dreams, coincidence, and the workings of the imagination that we can journey to the world beyond the obvious one, a world where we awaken to who we are and who we are meant to become. Through The Three ?Only' Things, you will discover the secrets of creative living, mending your divided self, turning setbacks into opportunities, moving beyond blocks, towards your true destination. Remember, says Robert: the passions of the soul work magic!
?Robert Moss is still the most honest of all those writing about dreaming, and the most useful.'
Manda Scott, author of The Crystal Skull
266pp, 148mm x 222mm, hardback, 2007

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