TOOLS Phil Stutz and Barry Michels

by: Phil Stutz And Barry Michels

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The Tools is a breakthrough approach to personal development that ignites your capacity to transform your life. The authors combine Jungian psychotherapy with faith in higher forces to help us work with our Shadow and use The Tools to overcome self-limiting attitudes and life habits. Doing this can help you change your life from one of lack or insecurity to reach your potential. This book puts the power in your hands to change your life, to get unstuck and move out of your comfort zone into a life of new possibility. But it’s not a magic pill, it’s a plan of action. You can use The Tools to turn pain into peace of mind, to transform resentments into acceptance by offering active love. Practical encouragement helps you build the willpower to overcome inner resistance to change, find your confidence and inner authority, and step into your potential. This is the new psychotherapy for spiritual growth and personal development. Unmissable.