by: Jenny Smedley

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Have you ever stood beneath a majestic, ancient oak tree and contemplated its life spanning over many human lifetimes? What might such a tree tell us about what it has seen during its life? The Tree that Talked is the story of just such an oak and its intricate connections with all life around it. We learn of its struggle to survive, its strength and vulnerability, and share all it witnesses beneath its boughs, observing moments that come and go, approaching, lingering, then fading into the distance beyond the tree. Intimate family glimpses, mysteries and tragedies all unfold in the oak's shade in a riveting tale, in which the tree's home changes from sacred grove to housing development. Engaging and spiritually aware, with a thread of Druidic paganism, and roots in nature and environmental matters, this enchanting book will open your mind to the limitless intertwined cycles of life and death, release and renewal, where every living thing has a spirit.
160pp, 138mm x 212mm, Paperback, 2007