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by: Dave Patrick (Editor)

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Enjoy a real spiritual adventure as you immerse yourself in these explorations of the vision of Sir Francis Bacon, written to celebrate the 450th anniversary of his birth. A man of alchemy, science and mystery, Bacon lived at a time before the split between religion and science took place - a period before the triumph of the materialistic model. His ideas have had a tremendous influence on how society has developed. At one moment an alchemist, the next an architect of the scientific method, Bacon was probably also an esotericist, privy to secret wisdom, and a member - if not a leader - of a secret group. Some suggest he even wrote all the Shakespeare plays, and may have been the child of Elizabeth I and Leicester. Whatever you decide to believe after reading this book, you'll certainly find it deeply interesting! Contributors include Bacon specialists, astrologers, and writers from Theosophy, the Lucis Trust, the Rudolf Steiner Movement, British Dowsing, Spiritualism and the White Eagle Lodge.
288pp, 156mm x 234mm, Paperback, illus in b/w, 2011