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Twenty nine influential thinkers, including Neale Donald Walsch, Ervin Laszlo and Peter Russell, present vital messages about our move into a new world consciousness, a new beginning symbolised by the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012. The View starts from the simple question ?How do we take charge of the change??. It celebrates Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's birth 150 years ago, and his 1919 call for changes in consciousness, which sowed the seed for much present thinking. Join the contributors as they take up today's opportunities and challenges with great insight into spirituality, health, community, future-thinking and business, too.
288pp, 156mm x 234mm, Paperback, 2009

The 2012 Horizon
Ervin Laszlo
What is it about the year 2012 that makes it a plausible point of no return for humanity's tenure on this planet? There are a wide variety of forecasts, predictions and prophecies, some esoteric, others scientific. The most widely cited comes from the Mayan calendar, and we begin with that.

The Mayan calendar has been carved by priest-astronomers into the Aztec-Mayan sun stone and was completed in the year 1479. It details immense passages of time, and includes mathematical calculations so accurate that modern astronomers are at a loss to understand how they were done. The most immediately relevant time-calculation is the so-called long count. This marks the end of the fiifth sun - also known as the fifth world - on December 21st, 2012 (the date is actually October 28th, 2011, but compensating for the accumulated time-shifts, it's 2012). Although we cannot be entirely certain what the Mayans had in mind (too many of the documents they produced have been destroyed), it's reasonably certain that this was not intended as a doomsday prophecy, a prediction that the world will come to an end. It's likely to indicate a gateway or, in modern terms, a phase-shift in humanity's tenure on the planet. It could be followed by the sixth sun (or world), although that world will be radically different from the one ending in 2012.

The Mayans are not the only culture that foresaw a radical shift at the end of the year 2012. The galactic re-alignment that heralds a new phase for humanity has been foretold in many sacred traditions, including the Hopi time-keeping tradition, Vedic and Islamic astrology, Mithraism, the Jewish Kabala, the cycle of yugas in Hinduism, European sacred geography, medieval Christian architecture, and a variety of hermetic metaphysics. Current calculations in astrology give an exact date. On precisely the December 21st, 2012, the centre of our galaxy will complete a 'cosmic year': a 25,920-year journey around the wheel of the zodiac. According to most astrologers another cosmic year will then begin, lasting for another 25,920 of our years.

A prediction coming from astronomy coincides with the date of these esoteric traditions. Astronomers noted that since the 1940s, and particularly since the year 2003, the Sun has become remarkably turbulent. Solar activity is predicted to peak around 2012, with storms of unprecedented intensity since the last occurred some 11,000 years ago.

A related trend concerns the behaviour of the Earth's magnetic field. It appears to diminish in intensity, and produce vast holes or gaps. A pole-shift, the reversal of the North and South magnetic poles, appears possible. It, too, could occur in a matter of years and could have serious consequences.

In addition, some geophysicists assert that our solar system has entered an interstellar energy-zone. (Many sensitives agree: they see the Earth crossing what they see as a cosmic cloud of light.) Predictions of the time when we will experience the full force of this interstellar encounter - notable disturbances in the electromagnetic field and hence in global telecommunications - range from 2010 to 2020.

The period around the end of 2012 is likely to be a turbulent one. For the esoteric traditions it will mark a major phase-change, with the optimistic interpretation speaking of the old world ending and a new one taking its place. The scientifically-based predictions foresee disturbances in the physical fields that embed the planet, causing considerable, but by no means fatal damage to telecommunications and impacting on many facets of human health and activity.

None of the prophecies and predictions is one hundred percent certain, but in their ensemble they are significant. This significance is reinforced by their coincidence with the cross-impact time-horizons of a number of critical trends. These indications we neglect only at our peril. They are not a cause for pessimism and even less for fatalism - they are a call for action. In our most immediate and vital interest, we must prepare for real change - while there is still time.

From The View, ?2009 edited by Dave Patrick, published by Polair Publishing.