by: Esther

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Relationships and love bring with them incredible experiences, but what if love becomes too much of a challenge, and finding, sustaining and enjoying a relationship feels impossible? Esther and Jerry Hicks, who present the powerful teachings they channel from the group of discarnate entities known collectively as ?Abraham?, will now help you understand every relationship you are currently involved in as well as every relationship you have ever experienced, and those you are yet to have. The Vortex uncovers a myriad of false premises that are at the heart of every uncomfortable relationship issue, and guides you to a clear understanding of the powerful creative Vortex that has already assembled the relationships that you have desired. Abraham will show you how to enter that Vortex, where you will rendezvous with everything and everyone you have been looking for. The book includes a CD recording of a live workshop hosted by the Hicks.
258pp, 152mm x 228mm, Paperback, 2009 + free 70 minute CD

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