by: Tosha Silver

This gorgeous, floral 52-card deck is designed to encourage you to
experiment with the Wild Offering: offering all to the Divine with complete and
utter abandon. Following yogic philosophy, this deck promotes problem
solving through surrender and release. Each card is unique, offering a prayer
that is meant for you in the moment. The deck can be used as an oracle
where the Divine guides you to a specific card or you can use it for simple
reminders to carry with you or meditate on. Tosha Silver is known for finding
fresh, humorous and practical ways of teaching that avoid clichés and dogma
and the deck perfectly embodies this lightness. It is a great deck for anyone
needing some prayers and lightness in their life. Plus it truly is a bright and
beautifully designed deck.

52 Cards, 101 x 142 mm, Boxed Set, 2018

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