by: Cynthia M Bulik

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Wouldn't it feel great to be free of fixation on your body image and simply feel comfortable in your own skin? Well, it's time to discover the release of disentangling your body esteem from your self esteem and letting your personality, values and accomplishments come to the fore. In The Woman in the Mirror Cynthia Bulik shows you how to take charge of the insidious negative self-talk that invades your thinking - recognising and banishing self insult. Cynthia offers all the tools and exercises you need to help you nurture positive, uplifting and respectful internal dialogue, which will bring you to treat yourself with the respect and admiration you deserve. By reprogramming and re-balancing how you feel about yourself and your body, practising healthy eating and taking sensible exercise, and with new focus, you can reclaim your self-confidence and come to respect and love who you are.
272pp, 152mm x 232mm, hardback, 2012