by: Tommy Brunjes

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This multilayered music will carry you directly into a theta brain state, opening the doorway between the conscious and unconscious mind, to help you find that sweet spot of inspiration when your mind can access its best ideas and most innovative solutions. In the theta state, you are deeply relaxed and highly receptive. Creativity and intuition flow freely, psychic abilities are enhanced, and anxiety gives way to a sense of wellbeing. As you listen, your brainwaves synchronize with the theta pulse, the steady hypnotic drum rhythm which forms the foundation of Theta Transport. Woven around the pulse are the syncopated rhythms of the frame drum, the cleansing and harmonizing sounds of metallic instruments - including Tibetan bowls, tingshas and cymbals - and an ethereal layer of the whispering mono-pipes to support your peaceful, relaxed state. Tommy Brunjes' richly textured composition is built up of entirely live performances on a wonderful variety of acoustic instruments, without synthesizers, samples or keyboards. As well as being a medium for entering theta trance and accessing your deepest intuitive wisdom, Theta Transport is also ideal to use with journeying, visioning, yoga and movement.
5 tracks, total running time 60 mins, 2009

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