THUNK! by Sandy C Newbigging

by: Sandy C Newbigging

If you have been trying to break the shackles of excessive thinking which can cause you so much stress and even physical illness, but haven’t yet been able to find a way that works for you, you will find this book to be an absolute Godsend. Sandy Newbigging has a really clear and motivating way of explaining ways to create more peace of mind and happiness by thinking less. Accessible and practical exercises are provided for putting focus on the context of your mind rather than working to change the content. Rather than change perceptions or attitudes about life, readers are asked to rise above beliefs and concepts of good and bad to experience the real self and the peace that accompanies it. Bridging the gap between serenity and success, this enlightening guide depicts the mind as a tool to be picked up and used as required and then put away when it's no longer needed, allowing for improvements in every area of your life.