TRUE BALANCE Sonia Choquette

by: Sonia Choquette

How can we balance our time and energy when our days are so hectic? How can we find harmony in mind, body and spirit? In True Balance, renowned intuitive and spiritual healer Sonia Choquette presents a step-by-step workbook for finding balance within our seven essential energy centres, or chakras. Drawing upon her deep personal experience and practice, she offers a wise and down-to-earth guide to achieving harmony. With supportive questionnaires, practical advice and many specific remedies, Sonia leads you to balance with creativity and blessings. You can, she says, refer to True Balance whenever you are feeling out of sorts or are in need of a psychic 'tune-up'. Sonia has included suggestions for every mood and temperament, not as compulsory assignments, but rather as simple practices that bring about maximum relief, depending on your mood and your personality. Use the ideas that appeal to you, leave the others for the time being, and don't be surprised if you soon find yourself coming up with your own remedies for restoring psychic equilibrium!
256pp, 135mm x 213mm, Paperback, 2012