by: Sonia Choquette

Sonia Choquette is one of the wisest and most popular spiritual teachers writing today. On this side of the Atlantic we can often feel uncomfortable with prayer, because religion is so much on the decline and many of us are actually trying to escape its control and influence. On the other hand sometimes a situation is just too tough and we can’t face building up our self-esteem, or the energy and resolve just aren’t there to negotiate our way out of it. A simple appeal to a higher power can help…it might also just lift our hearts enough. This book contains 200 prayers – or invocations, call them what you will – tailored to different situations and then grouped into themes. We don’t need to call this higher power “God”. It simply helps to consider that maybe there are powers, which are greater, or just more specialized, than we are, and that we might not always be alone.

Paperback, 256pp, 2015