by: Xandria Williams

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Vital Signs for Cancer is about recognising important signs that suggest you might be heading for degenerative diseases, and perhaps cancer in particular. Xandria Williams draws on her research findings, scientific background and work as a nutritionist and naturopath to help you to understand the cancer process and give advice on how you can detect and reverse it long before a tumour appears. She gives guidance on adopting a CAM (complementary, alternative and metabolic) approach, recognising cancer as a systemic problem that affects the whole body, rather than the localised MDS (medical-drug-surgery) approach. You can even follow CAM - which comprises natural therapies such as nutritional and herbal medicine, homoeopathy and energy medicines - if you currently have cancer or have just been diagnosed, as these can be used safely alongside medical treatment. She also advises on how you may be able to remain cancer free if you are in remission and want to avoid a recurrence.
316pp, 154mm x 234mm, Paperback, 2010

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