WALKING WITH TREES by Glennie Kindred

by: Glennie Kindred

This new book from renowned nature-lorist and Earth Traditions expert Glennie Kindred takes us on an intimate journey around 13 native trees of Britain, discussing their unique characteristics, natural history, healing properties, and mythologies. Kindred’s passion for the Earth and these trees seeps through every page as you read. As Ark Redwood says, “[Walking With Trees] is truly ‘a love song to the trees’, and Glennie contributes not only the prose, but also the illustrations and poems, all in her inimitable and beautiful style”. It is informative and transformative and perfectly designed to be an on-the-go guide to have with you as you walk through the trees. An ideal gift for yourself or the nature lover in your life.
286pp, 218 x 135 mm, Paperback, 2019