by: Deepak Chopra

What happens when the adversaries science and spirituality meet? Well, War of the Worldviews shows that they can kick up a mightily impressive discussion! How did the universe emerge? What is the connection between mind and brain? Is God an illusion? These, and many more subjects, are debated by Dr Deepak Chopra and Professor Leonard Mlodinow, cutting-edge thinkers in the fields of spirituality and science respectively. From the nature of time, to the mechanics of consciousness, they lock horns and challenge us to consider revolutionary theories about the cosmos and our place in it. They enter fascinating new territory, where knowledge and mystery meet head on. The results are startling, as it emerges that science could just prove to be the strongest ally spirituality has ever found!'Which worldview is right? Does science describe the universe, or do ancient teachings like meditation unravel mysteries that are beyond the worldview of science? To find out, we explore the clash of worldviews on three levels: the cosmos, or physical universe; life; and the human brain. Finally, we also explore the ultimate mystery, God. 'In 'Cosmos' we argue about where the universe came from, its nature, and where it is going. In 'Life' we debate evolution, genetics, and the origin of life. 'Mind and Brain' addresses neuroscience and raises all the issues of mind and body. And 'God' refers not only to a presiding deity but also to the broader concept of a divine presence in our universe.'Each of us believes deeply in the worldview he represents. We have written fiercely but respectfully to define the truth as we see it. No one can ignore the question of how to perceive the world. The best we can do - writers and readers alike - is to leap into the fray. What else could be more important?'
320pp, 154mm x 232mm, illus in b/w, Paperback, 2011