by: Lyz Cooper

The modern world is so steeped in noise it is easy to lose awareness of sound. Our brains are powerfully programmed to respond to certain sounds, because sound is audible energy. For example our bodies have evolved to pump adrenaline at the sound of a scream or oxytocin when a baby cries, and we all know how music can relax or lift the spirit. Research shows that mathematically organised harmonies and rhythmic patterns stimulate our primal senses, whereas sounds with no mathematical relationship are just a jumble of noise. The octave has been widely studied, revealing how each chord combination relates to different emotional states. This not only explains the power of music but also opens up an understanding of how sound can be used for healing. Sound provides a bridge between our bodies and the world we live in and our innermost spiritual senses, with drums, singing bowls and the voice examples of wonderful therapeutic tools.

Paperback, 144pp,  124 x 170 mm, 2016

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