WILL POWER Roy Baumeister

by: Roy Baumeister

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Can you resist everything except temptation? In an age full of distractions, it's hard to possess willpower - yet it's a crucially important factor in achieving success and a happy life, shown to be more significant than money, looks, background or intelligence. Willpower reveals the secrets of conscious self-control. Here Roy Baumeister, an esteemed psychologist, and journalist John Tierney, show us that willpower can be strengthened with practice and improved over time. The latest findings show that self-control has a fundamental physical basis to it and so is dramatically affected by simple things such as eating and sleeping - to the extent that a life-changing decision may go in different directions depending on whether it's made before or after lunch. You will discover how anyone - including babies - can be taught willpower, the pointlessness of diets - starving yourself depletes your willpower - and fascinating personal stories. Based on years of psychological research and filled with practical advice, this book will teach you how to gain from self-control without pain, and discover the very real power in willpower. The results are nothing short of life-changing.
300pp, 160mm x 240mm, hardback, 2012