WOMAN MOST WILD Danielle Dulsky

by: Danielle Dulsky

For centuries women were persecuted for being witches. But what is a witch? Well, they are definitely not the evil villains we are led to believe. In fact witches are spiritually empowered, and liberated, women with a deep connection to the Earth. Something the Earth needs right now. So, call forth your inner wild woman. Reclaim your lost feminine magic. Align yourself with nature. Practise moon rituals. Perform healing meditations. Encounter Goddesses. Lose yourself in this potent handbook filled with the power of Danielle Dulsky's divine feminine lessons, and re-emerge a brand new woman brimming with strength, wisdom and magick. 

238pp, 216 x 140 mm, Paperback, 2017, RRP £13.99