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Your Brain on Food

by: Gary Lee Wenk

Can marijuana be used to reduce psychic pain? How do specific foods affect how we think and feel? Why does fat taste so good? How do biorhythms influence the effects of food upon our thinking? Why are acidic foods so harmful? Which fats are good for our brain? Why does our brain make overeating so pleasurable? Does our brain want us to be obese? Dieting vs. exercise: Which is best for the brain and body? Does eating turkey really make you sleepy? Can ibuprofenmake us high? In this updated second edition, Dr Wenk expands his discussions of the effects of specific foods by investigating the benefits and risks of supplements, the action of gluten in the brain, and more. Some of the fascinating topics covered in this revised edition include: Can tryptophan supplements improve your mood? Is your aluminum cookware hurting your brain? How do fruits and vegetables protect us from aging? Why does eating chocolate make you feel so angry? Never forget: everything weconsume can affect how we think, feel, and act.