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YOUR SYMPHONY OF SELVES by James Fadiman and Jordan Gruber

by: James Fadiman and Jordan Gruber

The idea that we are composed of a number of various selves, perhaps sounds somewhat strange, yet it is a notion which goes back thousands of years and is very much alive in various cultures of the world today. Modern psychology initially was reluctant to give room for this idea, but contemporary evidence suggests that there actually are huge benefits in recognising that we might actually be “bundles” of personas rather than pure singular individuals. For instance, have you ever had an argument with yourself, caused a part of yourself problems, or even disliked a part of yourself? The authors of this fascinating book show how many of our psychological issues might have their root in an unbalance between our various parts. Instead of fighting and creating friction between our selves, we should instead make friends and grow to love them; and rather than chasing after different goals, we should work together as a single harmonious team.

488pp, 229 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2020, RRP £16.99