by: Clea Danaan

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Zen and the Art of Raising Chickens explores the entertaining, rewarding, and enlightening art of raising chickens, even in an urban or suburban garden or backyard. Clea Danaan examines why keeping chickens has become so popular, as it addresses environmental issues and a shift in the way we want to live. More importantly, her tales and observations - musings of human and chicken nature, drawing insight and parallels - all illuminate, with a lovely warmth, the pleasure and spiritual dimensions of the simple practice of living with, being with and caring for chickens. There are many manuals available for just 'keeping' chickens - this is far from that, even though it does share Clea's own experience and practical advice. For animal lovers everywhere, join Clea in feeling the beauty of a newly laid egg. Delightful.
144pp, 136mm x 214mm, hardback, 2010