ZEN HAIKU Jonathan Clements

by: Jonathan Clements

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Haiku was not always three lines and seventeen syllables — that’s the first revelation from this elegant and beautifully-illustrated little pocket book. It was only in the seventeenth century that the well-known form was finalized and more than half these poems date from earlier times. And yet, they are quintessentially haiku. Originally titled ‘Moon in the Pines’ this elegant, hardcover book takes you on a journey through dawn, daylight, dusk and moonlight with breathtaking simplicity. Nearly a hundred poems will fill your soul with the essence all the things they didn’t say but which are known without knowing.  Exquisite zen.

The introduction itself is a door that opens onto a secret garden, it also opens our eyes to the mystery of haiku. Jonathan Clements has re-translated poems from three centuries of haiku, including work by famed poets Basho, Buson and Chiyo-Ni. Each one carries a spiritual echo of the qualities of light, heart and motion.
Illustrated beautifully throughout with carefully selected images from Japanese prints and paintings. Another gem, perhaps for your other coat pocket!