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NEW HERETICS by Andy Thomas

by: Andy Thomas

Asking questions of the world and the way in which it is run is not an unusual impulse. But the real danger lies in the tendency of some people who start by questioning some things and then end up questioning everything. Enter now the conspiracy theorists, or “truth seekers”, which is the more preferred term. This book explores the dramatic increase of conspiracy thinking and looks not to defend as much as to seek understanding over why questioners feel the way they do. It opens broad conversations and looks beyond unhelpful layers of bias to try to bridge the divide between humans and find more insightful ways for us to communicate with each other and move forward together. Obviously this is a very current topic, but this book can help guide us through the labyrinth and this is the author’s speciality.

448pp, 214 x 135 mm, Paperback, 2021, RRP £14.99

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