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 Cygnus Community Cafe Gatherings

an inspiration from Cygnus members

There are now 70+ Cygnus Local groups around the UK - November 2018.  

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"What we need now are times and places to meet for heart to heart communications, free from mindsets, belief systems dogmas and agendas.  
We are creating spaces within our communities where we can grow and support each other - no strings attached.
Leave your Dogmas at home, slip off your beliefs at the door...
and find your authentic voice by  listening to your hearts.   
Geoff Napier

 Gathering of Cygnus Cafe Coordinators at Cloud9 Wellbeing Centre, Cullercoats, Tyneside October 2016

Cygnus Cafe Coordinators in Tyneside 

Since we held our first Cygnus Community Cafe in Leamington Spa, a network of Cygnus supporters have offered to coordinate local heart to heart gatherings for Cygnus members throughout the UK.

I wonder in which country the first international Cygnus Cafe will begin?  

Look at this  MAP to see all cafes across the UK.

For details of Dates, location and contact details see this CAFE LIST

You can see from the map we have a number of rather large gaps, especially East Anglia, Lincolnshire, parts of London and Manchester where we have individuals waiting to join local groups. 

Contact us if you would like to join or start a local Cygnus Community group.

 For the local groups our email is:

Please Contact your local coordinator for current dates and directions to your local venue.