About The Cygnus Community

Cygnus Books began as a small, friendly bookselling company, operating from a place called `Bwlch Agored' in the heart of the Welsh countryside, with a small warehouse in nearby Llandeilo.

`Bwlch Agored' is Welsh for `Open Way' - and that's what Cygnus aims to be - a travelling companion on your own `Open Way' - the road that will lead you to your deepest, most heartfelt desire.

On that road, you may find you want to break out of your old patterns of living and look for new ones. For that, you'll need information. And that's where Cygnus can help.

Cygnus offers books, films, audios and ebooks articles, features and reviews on:

Our niche: Mind, body & spirit, sustainability, food, health, nutrition, philosophy and new science. 

Our vision:  Humans are primarily spiritual beings, having physical experiences. This view is as old as the stars themselves, but has often been forgotten in our digitised world.

Our goal: To give you half an hour of peace and reflection and a chance to connect with ideas that really inspire your soul. To connect you to a growing community of people who have also resolved to dedicate this lifetime to serving the Highest Good to the best of their ability, however modest that may be.

Subscribers share their thoughts and services on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and in person through our network of local groups called Cygnus Cafes.

Authors write features to complement their books.

Contributors highlight books, films and music to inspire you and increasingly we are introducing articles in the review and on our blog written by Cygnus Supporters showing amazing things we ordinary people are doing.

Over the years our customers feel that they feel more like members of a community rather than customers of a mail order operation. Become part of the Cygnus Community now by signing up for our newsletter here or Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for regular updates and inspiration.

Every month we scan through hundreds of books on these topics, choosing only the best ones for inclusion in our list. That way we can help you find your way among the increasingly wide range of titles available, and inform you about unusual books you may never have seen in the shops. 

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