Book Ordering Service From Cygnus


How may different titles can Cygnus deliver?

1.  40   2.   200    3. 1700  4. 550,000  5. 4,5 million?

Answer:    All of the above!

1.   40 or so from the most recent Cygnus Community Review.

2.   200 special sale items on our website.

3.  1700 on our shelves at all times- each title has been selected and featured in a magazine.

4.  550,000 on the shelves at our wholesaler ready for next day despatch. Call or email us.

5. 4,5 million Print on demand titles waiting for your command to be printed and deliverd within 1-2 weeks.

Make a Difference!

By choosing NOT to by a book from Amazon but from some other bookseller, perhaps Cygnus,  your order makes a difference because hundreds of others, just like you will do so too.  The power to choose is yours.

Can we invite you to change your habits and choose to consider buying from Cygnus?  All that we ask is that when you or a member of your household wants a book, check our website first, if it's not there, simply call or email Cygnus first with your book request.

Recommend a Book, Film or Audio?

Send your requests in as a  Suggestion and tick the option, if you want to buy. Jordan will contact our network of suppliers and if you confirm by midday most often we can have it shipping to you same day.  You now have access to mountains of books via Cygnus!