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365 WAYS TO LIVE A BUDDHIST LIFE by Desmond Biddulph and Darcy Flynn

by: Desmond Biddulph

The latest book in the attractive and inspirational 365 series is a diverse introduction to Buddhism in all its richness. It’s a point of departure and map we can use to find out what specific school of Buddhism is best for us, to trace interesting texts and scriptures that will enrich our experience of Buddhism and to be stimulated to find new ways of broadening our lives according to its principles. The authors are leading figures at the Buddhist Society in London. It’s an ideal book for someone who knows the basics of Buddhism and who is perhaps daunted by some of the more austere texts in the tradition. It also includes quotations from great figures in history who might not have been Buddhist themselves, showing its great influence over the centuries or the centrality of its message.

216pp, 197 x 130 mm, Paperback, 2020, RRP £9.99

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