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7 DAY CHAKRAS by Shai Tubali

by: Shai Tubali

Chakras are the elements that enable us to communicate with different dimensions. Whether you are a beginner or practised enthusiast, this is a great guide on how to integrate chakra energy work into your everyday life by providing a basic structure for chakra processes. The book outlines one chakra for each day of the week and outlines meditations, activities, affirmations and journal prompts for you to use to focus this work. Through dedicated practice and repetition, your chakras will become more balanced, accelerating your self-development. You will be able to identify weaker areas, physically and emotionally, which will give you the opportunity to dedicate more time for improvement and ultimately balance your wellbeing. Following this seven-day routine shows you an easy and clear way to nourish your soul and shape your life’s experiences.

240pp, 202 x 136 mm, Paperback, 2021, RRP £15.99