A HEADACHE IN THE PELVIS by David Wise and Rodney Anderson

by: David Wise and Rodney Anderson

Sufferers of chronic pelvic pain – pelvic floor dysfunction, prostatis or pudenda neuralgia – may find relief with the help of this best-selling book. David Wise searched for relief from his own pelvic pain for decades, finally chancing on a resolution after years of research and self-experimentation. Together with Stanford University Urologist, Dr Rodney Anderson, he developed a programme called the Wise Anderson Protocol. They discovered that pelvic floor pain is caused by a cycle of anxiety related pelvic muscle tension, irritated tissue and pain taking on a life of its own. Their system breaks the cycle using internal and external physiotherapy, and meditation, in a selftreatment programme that has aided many in their search for pain relief.

400pp, 228 x 154 mm, Paperback, 2018