by: Diana Cooper

A New Light on Angels
is a completely revised, updated and expanded edition of the bestselling A Little Light on Angels, with beautiful new original colour illustrations by Damian Keenan. Diana has written an expanded introduction with more information about her first angel experience. She offers the latest information about the Universal Angels and the new archangels, including the angels of animals and nature, an expanded list of archangels, their twin flames and their retreats. With close to 50% extra material, including new stories, new visualizations and new information on Archangels, Diana gives us guidance on how we can call on them for help and companionship in our lives. We are surrounded by angels, all we have to do is raise our consciousness to become aware of them and communicate with them, to welcome them into our lives and allow the joy, light and peace of their presence into our hearts.
144pp, 153mm x 228mm, Paperback, 2009

Angel Wisdom
Angels serve spirit. True spirituality is beyond religion, though it accepts and honours all of them. At the top of the mountain all is One but the lower down the mountain we are, the further we have moved from the pure message of spirit and the more dissent there is between religions.

True spirituality looks at that mountain and sees that every path to Source is right for the person climbing it - even pain and disease, even hurt and disaster are pathways. The pain, the disease, the hurt, the disaster are often the challenges which turn people to spirit. The deepest despair is often the pit from which people call out to spirit for help.

Those who unconsciously work for the darkness, sadly often in the name of God and religion, seek to control, constrict or disempower others. They may say, 'You will only reach the mountain top if you do it this way'. They may even refuse to help someone out of a situation unless the person follows their path. This demonstrates control and manipulation, narrow mindedness and lack of compassion. If anyone tries to restrict or imprison another in the name of the light, they do a terrible disservice to the planet and inevitably bear awful karma for it.

God-fearing people walk in the dark.
God-loving people grow towards the light.
Angel-fearing people live in the shadow.
Angel-loving people dance with joy.

To promote ignorance keeps the light from people. Those who knowingly conceal the truth or distort it on the pretext that the masses are not ready to hear it, serve the darkness. Throughout history, sacred and esoteric texts have been hidden away or destroyed.

In AD 553 at the Second Council of Constantinople, the Emperor Justinian had reincarnation written out of the Bible. He and the church wanted to claim power over people's souls.

When this truth is revealed and the sacred Laws of Reincarnation are recognised each one of us will know that our every action is recorded by our guardian angel in the akashic records and that we ourselves can take charge of our destiny. No one will give authority to intermediaries in the religious hierarchies to tell them what they may or may not do on their path to the light.

Do not feel angry and frustrated as you read this. Instead calmly ask the angels to help bring the truth to light. Ask them to open the minds of those in charge of controlling the masses on the planet. Ask them to light up the religious and world leaders.

Religions tell people what to do and what to believe. Spirituality tells people to listen for their own guidance and follow their hearts. It leaves people free, reminding us only of the highest qualities like harmlessness, love, joy, compassion, integrity, brotherhood, sisterhood, peace and oneness. Even saying these words ignites a light within us.

A truly spiritual person will trust people to find their own way to the top of the mountain and will assist impartially. If someone wants to move to a different path, an enlightened being will wish them well and will not judge someone who takes a wrong turn. He or she will encourage others to think for themselves, to listen to their inner guidance and be independent. They will empower everyone to speak directly to Source or angels or beings of great wisdom.

Angels of light will help anyone climbing any path up that mountain. All are equal. And even if some are slithering downwards, angels will patiently stand by without judgement to help when they are asked.

People sometimes ask how it is that angels speak so many different languages. Most of us are telepathic. We often pick up what other people are thinking and usually we say in surprise, 'Oh, I was just thinking that!' Beyond the limitations of the body, in the spiritual realms, all communication is telepathic. Words are not needed because the energy of what is being communicated is transferred to the other person. This is not done haphazardly and unconsciously in the way we tend to do it.

When angelic beings communicate with us they direct a stream of consciousness to us which reaches us as a powerful thought or voice in our head. Sound may be added to create a voice. However, it is the energy which is transferred and then filtered through our consciousness in our language. So angels do not need to be linguists. They communicate in the language of the Creator, the vibration of love.

At the first angel workshop I ran, I was guiding a meditation. I was clearly told that we were all being too analytical and must stop thinking. Instead we must fill our minds with the colour white-violet. Immediately I felt an immense white-violet light flame in my third eye. I had the most incredible sensation of peace and oneness. Afterwards I discovered that many had felt this same powerful feeling as the angels came closer. To immerse ourselves in the colour white-violet or violet will increase our vibratory rate.

So there are five ways to connect more closely with angels of light.

1. Think about them frequently. Ask them to come closer and help.
2. Cleanse and purify your thoughts so that your auric field is more penetrable to their fine vibration.
3. Stop analysing and overthinking everything. This puts you in your left brain and prevents the connection. Whenever you find yourself in your head, place a white-violet light in your mind.
4. Be receptive to their presence and their messages.
5. Listen to angel music. This is now being channelled by a number of sources. It refines your vibrations allowing angels to penetrate your aura. It is truly beautiful. How do you know if it is genuine? How do you know if it is right for you? Use your intuition.

Angels help you
claim authority
over your own soul

From A New Light on Angels, ?2009 by Diana Cooper, published by Findhorn Press.

Interdimensional Portals
All the mountains, rivers, rocks, gardens or trees have their own angel to guard them and to direct the elementals who work within them.

When we have a sense of the power of a mountain or of a waterfall, we are in tune with the angel who is guarding that place.

There are power spots on planet Earth to which people are drawn because they feel peaceful or relaxed when they are there. Usually these are places of great natural beauty which induce a sense of wonder and awe. When I look at pictures of such places I am surprised at the number of guardian angel Orbs that collect there. The angels said that guardian angels often go to these high energy places to collect prana to take it back to the person they are looking after. Their service work is limitless.

Some of these power spots are interdimensional portals through which humans and beings in other dimensions can communicate more easily. Visiting one of these gateways opens us to impressions, visions, intuitive flashes and any form of spiritual or psychic message.

A great many of the interdimensional portals are one-way; in other words, the spiritual beings can come through the vortex to communicate with us. A few of them are two-way and through these we can receive universal messages as well as transmit out into the universe. Stonehenge in England is one such two-way communication centre, which has been re-opened at this moment in time. The most powerful of the two way interdimensional portals on planet Earth is Machu Picchu in Peru. There is also one in Tibet and another in the Great Zimbabwe in Africa.

The only entry aliens have to our planet is through these portals. Even angels find it easier to use these open gateways to access Earth. However, if we do not protect these, our precious entry points, dark angels and negative aliens can come through.

Originally these portals were most sacred and holy places, looked after with ceremony and love by specially trained initiates. Over the past few thousand years we have neglected to protect and put light into them, with disastrous results for Earth.

A few years ago I went to Machu Picchu with friends. While there we had terrible nightmares, which we were told on return, were the dark forces attacking us. Nevertheless, we were informed that the area drank in the light we took with us like parched earth responding to gentle rain. Certainly meditating and ohm-ing at Machu Picchu was the highlight of the trip for me.

When humans of high intention and spiritual focus visit or think about Stonehenge, Machu Picchu and other portals their light automatically helps to protect these important gateways. We can also pour love and light energy out into the universe through them.

The mighty Thoth who was a High Priest in the golden age of Atlantis and later became a God in Egypt, is guardian of the portal at Machu Picchu. He allows through the turquoise angels of communication and their helpers, who form the crop circles. Crop circles are symbols, which are keys that unlock universal information within our minds. We do not need consciously to decode each symbol for the messages work subliminally.

In 1996 a huge crop circle was formed opposite Stonehenge. I was told that it was placed there to increase the energy of that portal. The coded message of the symbol invited people to go through the portal in their dream states and travel intergalactically, so that they could learn about the vastness of the universe. This would expand their consciousness.

Whenever people sit in a genuine crop circle they connect with the angels.

Many of the evil forces have been able to draw near over the last few thousand years because of our neglect of the sacred protection rituals and the sheer amount of negativity and fear that humans on planet Earth emit. This feeds the consciousness of the dark angels and keeps them alive and active on the planet. However, if you remain positive, loving and light they cannot influence or touch you in any way.

All those who promote war are listening to dark angels. Angels of light always whisper of peace.

The many light beings and angels, who so much want to approach and work with us, need a love vibration form us in order to be able to come closer. Our loving energy also provides nourishment for them. They need to be loved and cherished as much as we do. When we project love, gratitude and other high vibrations out through the portals into the Universe, we send an invitation for the spiritual realms to come to us.

It is imperative at this time when the consciousness of planet Earth is shifting that we send light along the ley lines to the pyramids, from where it connects to the other planets and galaxies.

We can also send light through the interdimensional portals to the cosmic energy lines which link to other planets. In this way Earth can be realigned and take its rightful place in the universe once more. Naturally it helps if we send out as much love and light as we can at all times. However, when we project through the portals our intention goes further out into the universe where highly evolved light beings, such as the Universal angel Butyalil, can respond. The angels will direct our beams of love and light to the best possible place.

I am delighted to say that so much light has now been radiated by humanity into the universe that unicorns have responded by returning to Earth for the first time since the fall of Atlantis. Unicorns are seventh dimensional beings of the angelic realms, who help to bring about the longings of our souls.

Light contains spiritual knowledge and information. Darkness is absence of light and being in the dark literally means having no spiritual understanding. Power spots are good places to visit if we wish to open up more quickly to the universal wisdom that is available.

By sending out love and light
you can help Earth take its
rightful place in the Universe.

A New Light on Angels, ?2009 by Diana Cooper, published by Findhorn Press.