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ACTIVATING YOUR 5D FREQUENCY by Judith Corvin-Blackburn

by: Judith Corvin-Blackburn

This book builds on the work of authors such as Barbara Hand Clow, and is a clear exploration of what it means to be living as a human in the fifth dimension. Normally, we simply take for granted our 3D identity as physical beings, but Corvin-Blackburn shows how our consciousness actually can take us further. By clearing our lower frequencies and becoming more in-tuned with our higher and more subtle ones, we can regain our true nature as the highly evolved beings we were before our “fall” into 3D. The author describes this as extending beyond the dimensions of our common psycho-physical awareness, and entering into a state of unconditional love, which is the 5D frequency. She also shows us how such a shift can take place and what our expected experience should be like.

206pp, 174 x 228 mm, Paperback, 2020, RRP £13.99