AHA FACTOR by Mariana M Cooper

by: Mariana M Cooper

There are ways of getting what you desire but it seems sometimes that we can only be taught them in a vague fashion. We all know about intuition but again our image of it is of something elusive, hard to grasp, and even unpredictable. However, The Aha! Factor describes in a precise fashion how we can utilise what she calls the Energetic Communication System to receive the answers to our prayers. Mariana describes in detail all sorts of ways of using our psychic powers and she also passes on an invaluable list of 101 signs which indicate that our Aha! Factor is “tuned in and turned on”. Clearly written, this book has a palpable inspirational energy which left me enthused trying out the exercises and finally exerting some control over how I live my life.

Paperback, 256pp, 2016

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