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AN EXCHANGE OF LOVE by Madeleine Walker

by: Madeleine Walker

Animals come back to be with us lifetime after lifetime, to heal trauma from their own past lives and ours. In this book on karmic healing we meet animals who have changed the lives of their human companions. Their message is that love is eternal and undying and an Exchange of Love.

Many animals are reunited with owners from past lives and will flag up emotional issues through their own behaviour.A specialist with treating emotional trauma in competition horses, whose owners require optimum performance, Madeleine Walker unravels their painful experiences in this life and past lifetimes and makes us aware of their companionship as they try to assist our healing - even manifesting our disease in their own bodies. No other book examines the past life connections between humans and our animals and the healing potential for us. Madeleine Walker is an animal psychic and shamanic healer who also offers healing to human clients.

Her research has taken her to Egypt, The Azores and USA to study the knowledge of ancient cultures.