by: Ehime Ora

In her introduction, Ehime Ora explains that she created this book to nudge us closer to mindfulness through accessible short prose and affirmations. So, here we have an affirmation, prayer or reflection for every day of the year which, if followed, will take us on a healing journey and help us connect with our ancestors. Examples are: “I pray that you see life through. I pray that you let it show you just how good it can get” and “If you’re feeling stuck, speak to the heavens. A path to freedom will open up.” The author also encourages us to allow our ancestors to guide us: “Ask your ancestors a question and then open to a random page in the book. Trust that the ancestors will guide you to the page that contains the answer you seek.”

416pp, 177 x 129 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £13.99