by: Stewart Pearce

Stewart Pearce, globally celebrated voice coach, sound healer and angel medium, has produced this unique angel oracle by drawing on his knowledge of the angels that worked closely with humanity at the time of Atlantis. Approaching close to us again, the Atlantis angels choose a magical way of communing with us by letting us see their hearts as sigils symbols that depict not one meaning alone but a whole wealth of significance and power. These sigils can be drawn as cards and then interpreted according to your soul need with the aid of the accompanying book, which gives angelic chants and sounds to help integrate the force of the angels whose help you have selected. Beneath each sigil, the specific angelic orb or sphere appears as a visual focus to help you rise on the wings of angels to the state of Homo luminus - your shining self. Invite the angels of Atlantis into your life with this stunning set.

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