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ATLANTIS RISING by Patricia Cori

by: Patricia Cori

The Sirian Revelations is a trilogy of classic channeled teachings, delivered from the Speakers of the Sirian High Council, six-dimensional beings dedicated to the transformation of human consciousness, through their scribe, Patricia Cori, since 1997. In this controversial book, Book Two of the trilogy, she provides insights into the lost culture of Atlantis - a highly developed civilization and a parallel to our current world situation of secret government conspiracies, Earth changes and extra terrestrial intervention in our affairs. Atlantis Rising describes the unrecorded history of humanity, explaining how and why the great Atlantean civilization was overtaken by an alien culture that formed the first Secret Government, and how Earth is currently being manipulated by methods and technologies that are frighteningly similar to those used against our Atlantean ancestors. By embracing and recognizing what Atlantis can teach us, says Cori, we can heal and uplift our own increasingly threatened civilization.

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