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AWESTRUCK Jonah Paquette

by: Jonah Paquette

This of course is a book about awe in all its different manifestations. It’s a strong emotion as you can tell from the adjective derived from it, “awful”. The book is a manifesto for finding more awe in our lives as it’s such a magical and restorative feeling. He talks about the science of awe and how it works on a physiological level. Finally he gives us over 60 practices which will help us to experience awe on a regular basis. It’s a genuine palliative amidst all the rush and craziness of life to appreciate even briefly the wonder of just being and not to feel worried or weighed down by the heavy stuff. By knowing how to experience awe for yourself, you can also nurture it and enable others to appreciate that delicious feeling of transcendence.

196pp, 140 x 214 mm, Paperback, 2020, RRP £13.99