BENEATH A VEDIC SKY by William R. Levacy

by: William R. Levacy

In this fascinating and comprehensive guide to Vedic astrology, the author, a practising astrologer, shows us the elements that he has identified over the years as ones we must know to allow an effective consultation. He has distilled this into his Seven Skills, from learning the basics of chart interpretation and synthesising the multiple meanings of a chart, to applying corrective measures to improve the quality of a chart and using companion Vedic systems like Ayurveda to interact with it. As a beginner I found this very helpful, and it makes the rest of the guide more approachable. Vedic astrology is clearly fascinating and revealing, and this book is a great starting point into discovering more about what it can tell us.

416pp, 228 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £16.99