BEYOND HAPPINESS by Anthony Seldon

by: Anthony Seldon

The author Anthony Sheldon is a co-founder of Action For Happiness and a former teacher and headmaster. In this very personal book he sets out his beliefs about ways we can all discover real happiness. His observations of the children he has taught and the successful politicians he has written about in successful biographies produce questions rather than answers. This is the work of a skilled teacher, constantly encouraging a response from the reader whom he invites to learn through exploration and active engagement in a process of personal change. Each short section includes spaces for notes and lists so this becomes a workbook for self-examination that sets challenging homework for the reader. Where so many books seek to dictate, this one inspires, guides and supports serious self study and yet it is a very easy to read work divided into bite size observations and challenges.

Paperback, 304pp,  127 x 197 mm, 2016

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