by: Mary Bond

I think a lot of us need a book like this. Our emotions and feelings are so blocked and held down in different parts of the body, and we can’t release them by thinking it through or consciously emoting. This author is trained in Rolfing but we are also finding out more and more right now about embodiment and there are many other insights on all sorts of subjects contained in this book. It’s large-format, so it feels like a workbook and there are also more than fifty self-exploration exercises, plus diagrams and drawings. There are links to audio and video instructions. There are also great endorsements from professors, practitioners and medical specialists. The book awakens us to an awareness of the personal mandala formed by our body and its movements, to make us conscious of that body and thus make us more humane beings.

288pp, 254 x 203 mm, Paperback, 2024, RRP £18.99

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