BODY THRIVE by Cate Stillman

by: Cate Stillman

What an insightful read! When you’re ready to find a healthier way to balance your mind, body and spirit, and live a happier more fulfilled life then Body Thrive has to be your go-to. Cate uses the techniques from Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicine system, and from Yoga teachings to develop an incredibly perceptive approach to maintaining a constant state of positive wellbeing. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to improve their lifestyle habits as Cate has such a unique view of the inner workings of the mind and I found myself being pleasantly surprised over and over again! NYT bestselling author Mark Hyman calls this “the next frontier of Ayurveda” and Vasant Lad says “this book will change your body, mind and consciousness”.

336pp, 229 x 154 mm, Paperback, 2019