BOOK OF HO'OPONOPONO (DUE IN JANUARY) by Luc Bodin, Nathalie Lamboy & Jean Graciet

Ho’oponopono comes from Huna, the traditional healing and spiritual shamanism of Hawaii where it was traditionally used to promote reconciliation within communities. One short phrase encompasses the practice of compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. On the surface this appears to be something very simple, and yet as this book shows on deeper study it is found to touch many elements of the world’s philosophies, spiritual practices and science, even dreaming. Ho’oponopono can be applied to anything from traumatic past events to minor daily annoyances, it seeks out and breaks negative cycles such as destructive thought patterns and difficult family dynamics with the power to resolve the negative and bring harmony. This book is recommended to anyone seeking a new art of living and who is ready to say to the world simply: ‘Thank you, I love you”.

Paperback, 160pp, 2016

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