CHINTAMANI CRYSTAL MATRIX by Johndennis Govert and Hapi Hara

by: Johndennis Govert and Hapi Hara

This is a nice heavy and large-format book printed on thick paper and full of colour photographs, drawings and diagrams. It’s an interesting variant on our usual crystal titles because it takes an historical approach and delves through legends and true accounts to discuss the Chintimani, the wish-fulfilling jewel known in many cultures as the stone that grants your heart’s desires. The book goes on to explain that there are three types of Chintimani: the stone that’s known from myth, certain historical power gems from history like the Koh-i-Noor diamond that’s fixed in the British crown jewels and a multidimensional field that we can all activate to manifest our intentions. There are specific practices in the book to help with this. It’s a fascinating text which is not just for crystal fans.

384pp, 241 x 168 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £25.00