COMMUNION WITH GOD Neale Donald Walsch

by: Neale Donald Walsch

`The highest authority lies within you. This is so because each of us has a direct connection to the Divine.'
¶This book talks about how to go Home. It discusses the experience of Oneness with the Divine, or what Neale Donald Walsch calls Communion with God. It describes a path to that experience, a pathway through our illusions, to the Ultimate Reality. It explains that, as human beings, we have created ten basic illusions or lenses through which to see ourselves and the world. The trouble is, we have forgotten that they are illusions, and so we are living within them, instead of through them. What are these illusions, and how do we remember the truth about who we really are? These questions are amply answered in the simple but powerful style we have come to expect from Neale Donald Walsch's three `Conversations with God' volumes (still available from Cygnus at £5.50 each).