CROSS ROADS William Paul Young

by: William Paul Young

This second novel by best-selling author of The Shack [Code: 181108, +ô5.49] introduces us to Tony, an egotistical and manipulative businessman who is about to learn some deeper truths about life when he lands in ICU as a coma patient after a cerebral hemorrhage. He 'awakens' to find himself in a surreal world, a 'living' landscape that mirrors dimensions of his earthly life, from the beautiful to the corrupt. The characters he meets here help him to begin the healing process necessary for himself and others in his life as he begins to understand the unconditional nature of God s love. Paul Young has an exceptional ability to create a fascinating storyline peopled with deeply human characters the reader will empathise with and understand. He weaves spiritual enlightenment through the fabric of this story, making it a profound and memorable read!