CRYSTAL 365 by Heather Askinosie

by: Heather Askinosie

This is an amazing book – full colour at a very reasonable price. It’s very “Instagram” and all the wonderful photographs are set in clean, decluttered and tasteful homes. It also won’t be of so much interest to any member who already knows a reasonable amount about crystals and stones. All in all it’s a Californian crystal title. On the other hand the pluses are amazing. It would make a wonderful gift for someone just beginning on the path or for someone you wanted to give a nudge to on the path. Because everything looks so attractive it would draw the most hard-hearted reader into a life with crystals. The pictures also bring out the wonder of crystals and stones. There are affirmations and intentions linked to every stone. There are also 30 crystal combinations to help with specific intentions, like creativity, sleep, weight loss and protection.

368pp, 230 x 155 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £17.99

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