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DEVA byJacquelyn E Lane

by: Jacquelyn E Lane

Jacquelyn E. Lane gives us a rich and intricate guide to the world of the Deva in this fascinating book. Woven throughout with her personal experiences she also introduces how they are at work in the world and how we can begin to get back in touch and sync with their Kingdom. It's a warm spiriting read that offers you the fundamentals of the Deva Kingdom as well as an exploration of the impact that having a relationship with this world can bring you. You will learn about their hierarchies, ranging from elementals and nature spirits up to the angelic levels. It’s fitting that this book comes from Findhorn Press, as the Devas famously turned the sandy scrubland of Findhorn into a rich and fertile garden.

320pp, 153 x 227 mm, Paperback, 2020, RRP £14.99