by: Katie-Jane Wright

When you open a new pack of oracle cards, it’s always with a frisson of excitement. This beautiful new deck of 50 cards lovingly created by crystal expert Katie-Jane Wright and illustrated by Nikki Strange, is designed to bring us closer to the earth around us by tapping into the wisdom of plants and crystals. You feel like you can dive into the cards and, within each, encounter a power born of the combination of one of nature’s creations and its accompanying crystal, gently leading you through to inner healing, love and connection. The cards include Azurite and Orchid, Golden Topaz and Yellow Rose and Astrophyllite and Gingko. The booklet explains the energy of the elements of each card and how to work with the deck.

128pp, 114 x 76 mm, Boxed Set, Paperback and 50 full-colour cards, 2022, RRP £19.00

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