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EASTER by Alan Watts

by: Alan Watts

For millions of believers around the world, it encapsulates the central message of Christianity. Yet Easter has become associated with a perplexing jumble of non-Biblical customs: colorful eggs, chocolate rabbits, evening bonfires, children's songs, mischievous games, and more. Philosopher Alan Watts proposes that these curiosities are vestiges of a tradition far older than Christianity.

In Easter: Its Story and Meaning, Watts goes in search of the lost origins of Easter, taking readers with him on a kaleidoscopic tour of history, anthropology, and myth. He begins on the scorching plains of Bronze Age Mesopotamia, wanders the marble temples of imperial Rome, enters the glittering cathedrals of medieval Europe, and eventually lands in twentieth-century America. In the course of the journey, Watts unravels the multilayered symbolism of Easter and places the holiday within the broader context of world religions.

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