EMPATH ACTIVATION CARDS by Rev Stephanie Red Feather

by: Rev Stephanie Red Feather

In the last magazine we had the Empath’s Empowerment Deck from Judith Orloff and now, from another publisher, we have this deck created by Stephanie Red Feather, who wrote The Evolutionary Empath in 2019. This deck is very different: the other one had inspirational slogans accompanied by four lines of advice, while the images here are enigmatic mandalas and other shapes inspired for example by crop circles and indigenous Australian art, all in bright vivid colours. Judith Orloff is a psychologist, while Stephanie is a shamanic minister, so you will understand that this deck is more mystical, intuitive and inspirational, intended to connect sensitive people with the source and help them discover their life’s purpose. Cards include Mental Discipline, Ascension Throne and Lineage Healing.

210pp, 194 x 133 mm, Boxed Set, Paperback and 44 colour cards, 2022, RRP £25.00

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